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This is the personal web site of Cássio Landim Ribeiro. The views expressed here are my personal views, not those of the projects or companies where I offer my professional services.

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Large experience with Android SDK development, publishing and libraries such as Dagger, Retrofit, Butterknife, Picasso, Firebase, RxJava, Google Maps, MVP architecture and others.

Software Developer and Technical Leader with solid knowledge of tools, platforms and frameworks for Mobile and Web solutions development, such as Tomcat, HTML5, AJAX, backend integration, Grails, Angular, Ionic, NodeJS, Hibernate, Gradle, Git, CircleCI, Sonarqube and others.

Advanced knowledge of Java language. Experience with databases like MySql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis. Experience with Windows, Unix and Mac.

Experience with architecture of J2EE systems. Development of workflow, access control and configuration management mechanisms, OpenOffice API integration, iReport reports and jFreeChart charts.

Short experience with web application development using ASP and PHP languages using Drupal with database connection, transactional email sending and other features. Short experience on Web application development using Ruby on Rails, Google AppEngine, JBoss and Jetty application servers, Facebook platform, Heroku services, Amazon Web Services, Arduino platform, iOS SDK, Mobile Web Apps, and others.

Academic project experience with remote management through web of servers in general using PERL language.

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